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My rates are competitively some of the best around!


Specials / Deals / Discounts:


$60 for 1st hour on table for First-time Clients!*


Active Military/Police/Fire Fighter/1st Responder/

Veterans Discounts:

I offer an ample 20% Active Duty Military Discount to our men/women in uniform & to those who serve us by being police officers, firemen, or First Responders.


I also offer a 10% Veterans Discount for those that have served our country.


I accept cash and credit / debit cards for payment. I add a 5% processing fee whenever I run a credit/debit card on site.  



In addition every eleventh (11th) bodywork session is FREE.


Want another way to earn FREE bodywork? Simply refer new clients to me. For every new client referred that books

with me, earn a 33% discount or a FREE 70min session with every third new client referred my way.


IN Call (You come to me):

I charge $85/hr, $120/90min or $150/2hr session...**.


Active Duty/Police/Fire-Fighter: $68/hr, $96/90min, or $120/2hr session

US Veterans: $77/hr, $108/90min, or $135/2hr session.


OUT Call (I come to you):

The $85-150 IN Call or DISCOUNTED rate** PLUS an OUT call fee as follows:

~A $10 OUT call fee w/in 15miles of my home~

~ABOVE 15miles there is a 75¢/mile charge in addition to a $10 Set up fee, and bridge toll or ferry + any parking fees.

These are approximate driving rates for the following towns/cities:

~Gig Harbor: $15

~Kingston, Key Peninsula: $16

~Bainbridge Island, Port Ludlow: $23

~Port Hadlock: $30

~Tacoma, Port Townsend, So.King Co.: $38

~Olympia: $53

~Olympic Penninsula: $45-53

~Seattle Area: $53-60+any park'g fees

[Including Mercer Island & the Eastside]

With all Out Calls, I bring my portable table, clean linens, cream and/or oil, and usually a large votive candle if at night.

If you have any music preferences, by all means, I rely upon you to supply them, or I will stream Amazon Music via my cell device.


Want to save more? Pay ahead & save!

10% additional savings when 5 sessions are paid in advance!

60/90/120min sessions >> $383/540/675

15% savings when 10 sessions are paid in advance!

60/90/120min sessions >> $723/1020/1275


I will also barter for massage work! Do you have a specific skill or something of value to offer?

TALK TO ME, then!!


Active Duty & Veterans Discounts APPLY to advanced payment plans, too!


Receive a one-time 10% discount for leaving Feedback on this website after receiving bodywork on your

next session!


Gift Certificates are NOW available, too, in any denominational increment...


NOTES ON SESSION CANCELLATIONS: In case a client cancels a session for whatever reason without scheduling a subsequent session then within 24hours of scheduled session or is a no-show without notifying Bonner within those 24hrs will still be liable for full session cost. Emergency situations occur and, of course, and are exempt to this 24hour cancellation policy. If a client misses a scheduled

session due to Bonner's inability to provide that session without notification from him they will receive

their scheduled session free of charge at the next earliest mutually agreed upon time.


IF YOU ARE LATE FOR YOUR SESSION: I reserve the right to charge the going rate of $1.25/minute from the start of scheduled appointment time to the end of the session...


* IN-calls, only.


**Early/Late/Off-Hours Premiums:

For bookings between 8-10pm daily there will be a $20 premium

for that session; 10-11pm bookings, M-Sa will incur a $50 premium.


Bookings between 7-9am will incur a $20 premium.


Any booking BEFORE 7am or AFTER 11pm, or 10pm Sundays,

will incur a $100 premium.

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